This blog has two objectives:

  1. to share my thoughts about stock investments to the value investing community. I will promote some system thinking practices and the use of simulation models to help investors learn from experimenting¬†“What if” scenarios in their own investment cases
  2. to generate some revenue by providing services like in-depth and customized stock investment simulation models

This blog covers several stock markets across the globe mainly in UK, EU, US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Among them, I focus mainly on small- and mid-cap valuations; these posts appear in category “Investment Cases”. For the posts about my valuation methodology or philosophy, I categorize them into “Investment Framework”.

I appreciate readers who spend time on reading my writings and giving comments/feedback. From the system thinking perspective, feedback makes system behavior more interesting. Both negative and positive feedback are welcome; positive ones encourage me to continue my blog; negative ones guide me to improvise.

Let’s learn and grow together!