Hi I’m Winky Hau. What led me to what I’m doing right now can be traced back to around year 2000. By chance, I listened to a radio programme talking about the very popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Driven by my curiosity, I bought this book and read some chapters; but I could not get what Mr. Kiyosaki[1] wanted to tell us. Then I forgot this book and continue to focus on my research in my master degree. Nonetheless, my intention to learn more about money subject was still in my mind. As a typical academic and engineering guy, I had little idea about how our financial world works!

Five years later in 2005, after I finished my doctoral thesis and before I left Hong Kong for Germany, I picked up this book again and got absorbed about money subject. To help myself to pick up some basics faster, I enrolled two evening courses about accounting and financial management! That turned out to be a very fruitful and interesting learning experience. The course project was the first, though very light one, stock valuation in my life and eventually led me to an handsome gain in my very first stock investment eight years later.

After spending almost ten years in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I gratefully received a fellowship from The Croucher Foundation that financially support my research in Institut für Mikrosystemtechnik for two years. During my stay in Germany, I continued to learn value investing by reading classic books like Security Analysis, The Intelligent Investor, The Theory of Interest, and The Theory of Investment Value. I believe these four books were key to grow my capitalist mindset. Since then, I committed myself a plan to start my career in stock investing; and it influenced the choice of my first job in the industry.

I had a minor change in my career. I gave up my career in MEMS[2] technology and changed from a fast-growing high-tech field to a more mature heavy power industry in 2008, for I wanted to have more free time to grow my knowledge and experience in my new career in investing under a stable job environment. I’m currently residing in Switzerland. My personal life passed two milestones – from single to married, and to father of two very young children; it’s really time and energy demanding to build both family and new career in parallel. This blog is also a new milestone in my life as value investor!



[1] Some people doubt his story in Rich Dad Poor Dad. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter. The key is whether the story inspires us. I would give Mr. Kiyosaki credit for his book.

[2] MEMS is the abbreviation of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System, mainly used in US. Microsystem is alternative name, more popular in Europe. This technology broadly means integration of micro-sensors, micro-actuators and micro-processors in a system. For example, those 9-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetic sensors in smartphones are products from MEMS technology.